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Our company published a technical magazine for the over 60 years.
We publish 19 kinds of technology magazines which are the lineup that is first-rate as a Japanese publishing company.
We recommend our 19 kinds of magazines as good advertising media.
Please make use of our technical magazine for duties development in Japan of your company.


Japan Plastics   +++Japan Plastics

We have the history of 60 as a bulletin of the federation of Nippon Plastic Industry, and it is wide and mainly provides the latest information that can grasp the present conditions and raw materials of the plastic industry, a new technology of the molding processing to a nucleus engineer, spot engineer, researchers, and this magazine edites "to help in the" spot in a slogan.

 We plan a special feature by the new name of an era, and a trend, the prospects of basic resin pay its attention zealously. In addition, We place statistics documents, and the June issue introduces "the present situation" such as production, the shipment according to the resin in detail every year. On the other hand, in the molding processing technique, We pay attention to injection molding, blow molding, a system in the extrusion, the result of the research and development of the molding machine and wrestle in environment, the energy saving problem that plastic industry holds those technique commentaries including an introducing again plastic waste disposal treatment or recycling technology. And, backed by the present conditions of the Japanese industry where global development becomes the urgent business, We reflect a great variety of topics such as the reports from world environmental technology and the foreign countries plastic trade fair including American and European countries, the industrial present situation of Asian countries of plastic in the space.

クリーンエネルギー   +++Clean Energy

This magazine assumes promotion of a new energy ・energy saving・dispersion type power supply and takes up on natural gas cogeneration ・a hydrogen full cell・wind-generated electricity ・photovoltaic power generation・hydraulic power generation and geothermal power generation. From "The over-centralization-shaped power supply geographical convenience to a distributed power supply" to "Realization of the clean energy society which pursued new energy ・energy saving." and "Aim at symbiosis of environment ・industry・economy coexistence", our magazine sponsors technical information about a clean energy in order to solve these problems and comments on economy ・environmental safeguard・a development section title from a large field of vision of an energy problems.

環境浄化技術  +++Environment Solution Technology

This magazine promotes detoxification technology such as the atmosphere, the water, the soil・ subsuitace water,maste・recycling by covering the articles such as the state of the art of environment management business, use technology and a basic technology of environmental restoration, the latest information of a standard and the law, in which we hope to be useful to the pollution control of global environment, utilization of resources, energy and reduction, recycling of waste.

建設機械  +++Construction machinery and equipment

This magazine organizes the points of contact with associated technology such as a method of construction, environment, pollution, security, maintenance and mainly on a construction. Machine and mechanization execution of construction and Been edited to help mutual understanding from builder, construction machine maker, spot manger to an operator.

建築設備と配管工事  +++Heating Piping & Air Conditioning

This magazine has the history of 43 years as specialized magazine such as air conditioning, water supply and draing hygiene, electricity and special facilities.
From a recent large-sized building, an air port, a hotel, a hospital, a theater, a factory, food/medicine production, facilities connection, a clean room, a research facility, a commercial building, multifamily housing, every building facilities reaching city facilities including district heating and cooling, till a recent intelligent building and every building facilities from their system to materials, machinery, a design/execution, driving/maintenance, facilities update.
We cover the synthesis technology to relate those facilities and from the multidirectional business sides such as a cost/the law to beat. It is our editing policy to offer the information to really help facilities engineers.

クリーンテクノロジー   +++Clean Technology 

This magazine is a general specialized magazine of clean technology in the time of development and expansion of an applicable field.
We cover the study investigation plan design to construction and maintenance which these information give satisfactory use to the readers in both software and hardware sides.

配管技術  +++The Piping Engineering

Since its establishment in 1959, we have been highly reputed as the specialty magazine representing the fields such as petroleum, petrochemical, thermal and nuclear power, chemical, foods, seeing piping from the viewpoints of entire plant and studying technical backgrounds, costs, regulations, design, construction, safety and maintenance of all the equipment, materials, systems constituting industrial plants.

検査技術   +++Inspection Engineering 

We aim through this magazine the spread and development of inspection technology in the future by giving the active information such as inspection, examination, evolution, a life prediction from inspection and these basic knowledge, hi-tech technology, an on-site technology problem various tip machinery or an introduction of an associated standard to support the inspection engineers.

画像ラボ  +++Image Laboratory

This magazine is constituted in focusing on field of FA, OA, HA and takes up topic article ,a serialization article on image processing technology ,hoping to be useful to spread improve the future image processing technology.

超音波テクノ  +++Ultrasonic Technology

Ultrasonic is general technology utilized in the wide industry field as from a key industry to a high-tech industry and regards the field of electron, machine, materials and each technical area of control.
Our "Ultrasonic Technology "is the only magazine of this supersonic wave technology and covers the information on domestic and foreign state-of-the art, the basics,
applied technology, outskirts technology, a measurement, NDE, Communication, medical service, picture, washing, processing, transducer, sensor, and materials.

光アライアンス  +++Optical Alliance

This magazine is indeed practical guidebook which captured
Light technology from four basic applications such as a measurement. Processing a mechanic, transmission, information processing, and quickly and precisely the information on light part, light machinery and Devices convey.

自動認識  +++Automatic Identification

This magazine is the first technical periodical magazine in our country specialized on the whole technology of automatic recognition such as mainly on a barcode system in OCR/Sound recognition/RF-ID/machine vision/magnetic and IC cards. With the aim of boarding the market, we hope to be useful for the spread and the improvement of automatic recognition technology by giving the information on from the basic knowledge to the new technology which helps business immediately in the wide field of object such as POS, distribution, OA and FA.

計測技術  +++Instrumentation and Automation

This magazine gives the information from basic theory to the examples, applied business side on the field of an industrial measurement such as:
1. Basic measurement - Quantity of physics chemistry Fundamental measurement and analysis.
2. A measurement element -circuit. a device a precision instrument.
3 A Process Instrumentation - plan. Management, Process control.
4 Automation machinery-servo technology, NC, Material handling, an automatic ware house.
5 Information processing - data handling, a computer and the application.

油空圧技術  +++Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Oil pressure technology and air pressure technology are technology about power transmission on not only the oil pressure, or air pressure but the technical documentation as a specialized magazine of the fluid applied technology including electronic technique, vacuum technology, commentary of business side, a design of a system, research and development, the choice of machinery, maintenance and economic efficiency.

機械と工具  +++Machine and Tool

“Machine and Tool” magazine will offer extremely useful information such as basic technique to support production and processing, latest information of topic, give the lecture from the beginning for dissolving the engineer’s questions or to skill up, information from abroad and news of the market to an engineer, a researcher and all the people who is related to the production and processing.

ターボ機械   +++Turbo Machinery

This is a specialized magazine of a fluid machine・fluid engineering and being adopted as a bulletin of "Turbomachinery Society of Japan " that was founded in 1973 as to aim for technical improvement and promotion about turbo machine including pump, blower , compressor and turbine.
It is pointed out conventionally that the is an estrangement between a study side and a real aspect, but we serve as a bridge linking them offering the information on internal and external results of research, a quick offer of technical information and serious consideration of a fact side, so that we are highly regarded by a user, a learned society and a society of Industry.

福祉介護機器テクノプラス  +++The welfare / care TECHNO PLUS

Nowadays it is required as a urgent business of the functional improvement and devising of usability in the welfare, a care tool, machinery, devices as well as it’s technical development and engineer upbringing.
The welfare tools have been developed for the purpose of use for a senior citizen. a bedridden person and a handicapped person, but it is now demanded the function aimed at the prevention for a cheerful senior citizen not to become bedridden.
In the thought of manufacturing the body and mind’s health the development of products corresponding to various needs such as the universal design and rehabilitation function are highly expected.
With our wealthy experience of expert technical book, we launch the monthly magazine “ Welfare care machinery techno plus” .

□ An editing policy and a characteristic
Our magazine is for all the person who are concerned with welfare care machinery, and it offers the latest information such as a development design of the machinery, information to help the choice, the information on the instruction for use.

□ Editing contents
A special feature : the first issue assumes it “Battle front of welfare care machinery development”.
The following numbers will introduce the details for each machinery as “Present conditions and development trend of the welfare care machinery”
*A commentary :
“The present conditions and problems of the welfare care machinery”
“Practical use technique of various systems”
“Advocacy -------a spokesman of the care spot”
“Proposals to the opinion------- welfare care machinery”
*An example introduction
Introducing a success example introduction and the user impression of the institution, the making of city of the welfare.
*The series, serialization (planning items are as follows)

□Charge report - welfare care machinery is made in this way and is useful in this way!
A design hard luck story and the story of materials
The architect series to play an active part
Machinery development for children
A guide / a basic lecture
    The basics of support by the welfare machinery
An introduction to universal design
     Selection of one / how to use useful on the site
     Cooperation of the welfare care employment
     Explanation of the communication technical vocabulary for personal assistant.
Topic foreign countries technical information
Associated group information / a seminar / class guidance
New product information

住まいと電化   +++Amenity & Electrification

With excellent fitness, a demand of safety of a house. All electrification houses attract attention regardless of an apartment house or a single house.
This magazine covers the information on a basic knowledge to improve the home electrification and explains by using abundantly the drawing and the photographs, a supply, cost, design execution, information according to an area, introduction of example, and elect appliance machinery. We offer this information in a wide viewpoint such as a house to an architect, facilities design, engineering firm and electric construction.
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